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Thriving As A Woman In a Male-Dominated Industry: Publicist Sarah Findlay Chats with Authority Mag

It was a pleasure doing an interview with Authority Magazine about how women can thrive in a male-dominated industry. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my perspective, experience, and advice. I hope you enjoy the read. Below is a little snippet :)

Can you share the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

Gosh. I’m lucky enough to have had so many pinch-me moments. It was surreal as an Aussie to be standing on an American Football Field with a mix of professional NFL players for work. I was in Atlanta helping Brice Butler with his first football camp for the local youth aged 7–13. Brice had some players from the Atlanta Falcons, Denver Broncos, Buffalo Bills, and New York Giants join us to teach the next generation of footballers the fundamentals, including speed, technical skills, and agility.

It was a feel-good community day as all proceeds went to the Norcoss Football Association for equipment and scholarships. And it was a blast seeing the kids soak it all up. I enjoyed the whole day meeting local people and seeing a new city. Never in a million years did I imagine this happening because of studying PR and having dreams of seeing the big world.

What do you think male-oriented organizations can do to enhance their recruiting efforts to attract more women?

Equal pay. Invest in women and their skills and assets. They, too, bring value to a company and have a different perspective and instinct, which is essential for every type of business and industry. In 2018, the World Surf League announced equal prize money payouts for both men and women. We need more companies and organizations to follow their lead. Actions speak louder than words, so it’s time to pay for someone’s value and contribution, not because of their gender or their appearance. And quite frankly, many men are out there faking it in their job and performing mediocre at best. There are better-suited women for those roles that could outperform an individual like that. She just needs the opportunity.

Zero tolerance for flirting and advances. Most women are just at work to do exactly that, work! It puts women in uncomfortable situations. Notice how the men are behaving; if they are out of line, pull them back in. Men need to speak to other men about appropriate behaviors. I believe there are good kind men out there who can help create professional balance and respect.



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