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Tivoli Audio Launches Model Two Digital, SongBook, and SongBook MAX

Working with Tivoli Audio to launch their three new products this year  has been a pleasure: the wonderful Model Two Digital, SongBook, and SongBook MAX. I'm super excited for people to get their hands on the much-anticipated new designs and have organized the first round of media reviews. These reviews will be published in 2024 and I look forward to hearing their thoughts and experiences.


I'm very proud of Designer and CEO Paul DePasquale and his team for their achievements. The designs are sleek, modern, and aesthetically pleasing- visually and acoustically. 


Channeling the iconic designs of the '70s and infusing a hint of '90s nostalgia, the SongBook speakers have a timeless, retro-futuristic aesthetic. The SongBooks create an experience that blends simplicity with cutting-edge technology to deliver impressive sound. The portable premium Bluetooth sound system with built-in preamp and FM Radio (SongBook MAX) is built with the best engineering to create compact but powerful systems. The carry handle makes it easy to move around with you. They have a built-in lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 hours and fast PD charging using USB-C (cable included and supports 5V, 9V, and 15V).


"They are not just speakers; they're a tribute to Tivoli Audio's enduring love for music, design, and quality and are a testament that good things only get better with time," shares DePasquale.


The Model Two Digital is one of the few streaming speakers that can stand horizontally and vertically. The dual orientations allow you to preserve your style without compromising space or audio quality. The Model Two Digital features an LED Light Strip indicator, eliminating the need for a screen while simultaneously elevating its sleek design. You can see which mode you are in with a glance. White means the speaker is powered on and ready to use. Green is Wi-Fi Mode. Blue is Bluetooth Mode. Orange is Auxiliary Mode. Tivoli Audio continues to innovate its design with the impressive new grill in a brushed metal ionized finish. The streaming speaker comes in wonderful walnut/gold, white/silver, and black/black. 


These products are the next generation of premium Bluetooth sound systems and streaming speakers for Music Lovers and Design Connoisseurs.


I've enjoyed working with the media to get the word out. If you missed any of the articles, please see some of links below:

Yahoo! Sport, Oct 17: InStyle story syndicated


I started representing the brand in my first PR agency job in Australia in 2007. Over my career, we have built a long history, and I now represent them in North America. It has been wonderful to grow together. 


We had some fantastic coverage for their PAL BT, Model One Digital (Gen. 2), and Revive as well this year.



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