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Indie Film THIS TIME World Premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

It was a pleasure working with writer-director Sebastien Tobler on his feature film, THIS TIME, as it world premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Saturday May 6.

The film stars Ken Kirby (Good Trouble) and Leila Perry (Filthy Animals) and rounding out the film’s supporting cast are Mitch Narito (The Good Place), Earl Baylon (Tomb Raider), Diane Robin (RoboCop), and Carlos Carrasco (Speed). LA is a major character in the story and plays an important role. “It’s as much a love letter to LA as it is to lost love," Sebastien Tobler shared.

Long lost high school sweethearts, Laela and Colin, unexpectedly reunite in Los Angeles 23 years after being separated in Jakarta by the 1998 riots. What begins as a sentimental look back at an exciting upbringing forces the characters to draw a line between love and nostalgia.

THIS TIME centers around two mixed race characters who struggle to find their place in the world. Sebastien Tobler himself, is of mixed race background, drew inspiration directly from Maria P. P. Root’s Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage. Personally I enjoyed the themes of belonging, what it is like to grow up with a mixed race background as well as being a third culture kid (a person who has spent a significant part of their developmental years outside of their parent's culture but instead in another culture).

Sebastien created a wonderful team to bring this film to life with Theresa Chiu producing and remarkable cinematography by Garrett O'Brien as well as the cast and the many other people working in the background.

CLICK HERE to check out the Trailer.

Below is a handful of the editorial coverage:

I look forward to hearing of more film festival screenings and the distribution for this heartfelt romantic drama. It is a film that leaves a lasting impression.



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