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How actors can build their online presence

It is crucial actors invest in their profile and online presence. One way to do this is through publicity. Many actors call this press relations.

Publicity is a way to create wider exposure and get your story placed on a trusted third party... particularly online. Editorial articles help your manager and/or agent when they pitch you to casting directors, as it gives them an excuse to brag about you and show some recent successes.

Even if you aren't the lead, you can hire a publicist

"Many actors have been surprised when they realize after speaking with me that their portfolio of work is enough to pitch to media."

Some actors assume that it isn't worth hiring a PR professional because they aren't the lead actor. This is merely an assumption. You may have a fascinating story or connection to the city a film festival is located in. It is good awareness if you understand your peeking order... which includes media placement. Your career might not be at the stage that The Los Angeles Times or The Hollywood Reporter want to cover, but that doesn't mean there aren't other journalists and outlets suited to your personal story and body of work.

Recently I worked with Verona Blue to help build her online presence and ensure people knew she was one of the actors in V/H/S/99. As a Canadian-born actress with a film world premiering at Toronto Film Festival and then releasing a month later by Shudder, it was the perfect opportunity.

Click below for the recent interviews and editorial articles I organized for her:

Geek Hard begins at the 38:48 mark



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