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PR for the visa application process

The immigration process for work visas often needs a body of evidence to prove you are recognized for your talents as a creative. Press clippings and articles within the media are essential for your visa application packet.

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For creatives across the globe, working internationally can be vital next step for their career. If only it was as easy as jumping on a plane to start work in a new country. If you're considering re-locating overseas under a work visa than you may already know that press clippings are one of the many things required for your application.

There's a strategy for attaining press coverage for visas

"I understand the need for visas in a global world. And know how to create a PR strategy for this objective."

For many years I have helped actors and creatives build their collection of editorial evidence (published materials written by others about your work) in preparation for their immigration case to the US. I understand what the immigration department is seeking as well as the immigration lawyers regarding media reviews and profile pieces. As part of the O-1 visa process it is essential to provide documentation demonstrating that your work has been critiqued by an independent objective source (e.g. a written review of your work in a media outlet). It will be in the form of editorial, highlight, spotlight, and mini articles mentioning your work will satisfy this category of the application. However, it must be mentioned that I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal counsel but rather help the artist gather evidence in the form of press coverage.

"Of course, artists must have a body of work to leverage and pitch. But it’s a pleasure to be able to help people realize a dream and be one piece in the big journey.”

It brings me great joy and motivation to be able to help actors and creatives in the process of achieving their dream. I have worked with Kendal Rae, Menik Gooneratne, Hendrik Giesler, Andy McPhee, Ratidzo Mambo, Nerida Bronwen, and many other artists and creatives over my 17-year publicity career (specializing in actors/film).

“As an emerging Australian creator and actor, branding and re: branding myself as my work evolves can be quite overwhelming and intimidating. Working strategically with Sarah as a publicist and her down-to-earth positive attitude and immense support has made the prospect of elevating my artistic self, whether it be an industry red carpet event or Film Festival Opening Night, less daunting. It’s also been vital for my career path, with Sarah setting me up for more visibility and authentic media content for my US visa applications,” shares Ratidzo Mambo.

Click HERE to check out the fierce Ratidzo Mambo at the Sydney Film Festival’s star-studded Opening Night Gala.

Editorial coverage can also help agents/managers

Publicity coverage can also assist with the search for agent/management representation. Or it can help your current agent and manager build buzz for you when pitching you to casting agents and other industry people.

Need an immigration lawyer?

I highly recommend Tcheka Nedamat as your immigration lawyer!!!

Toronto-born, Los Angeles-trained and Nashville-based, Tcheka draws on her own experiences with immigration to passionately advise and fiercely advocate for her clients. The daughter of Canadian immigrants who later embarked on her own immigration journey to the United States to pursue her dreams, Tcheka deeply connects with her clients and can relate firsthand to the challenges faced when immigrating to a new country. In other words, this is personal for her. Tcheka’s unwavering belief that immigrants bring great value to our society is what fuels her commitment to her practice and inspired her to design a bespoke immigration experience where clients are met with integrity while receiving high-end legal services. From Hollywood to Silicon Valley, Tcheka has mastered her craft working with creatives, talent agencies, production houses, television networks, film studios, entrepreneurs, tech startups, and accelerators. Whether it's taking your talents abroad or establishing your business in a new market, there is nothing that motivates Tcheka more than seeing her clients activate their dreams and create the life they have always wanted. Tcheka is admitted to the State Bar of California and is licensed to practice immigration law in all 50 states. She is also proudly admitted to the Law Society of Ontario and licensed to practice law in Ontario, Canada.



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