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3 Reasons PR Helps with Backlinks for your website

There's much importance placed on backlinks in the online marketing world. Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another. PR is a key tool to help attain high-quality backlinks to your website. It's like online website networking.

As Joshua Hardwick explains, "If someone links to your site, then you have a backlink from them. If you link to another website, then they have a backlink from you."

1. PR creates online article opportunities with hyperlinks

When researching backlinks for online marketing, you'll hear many experts talk about getting a third-party website to somehow feature one of your page links, whether it be your homepage, a particular product, or a blog article. Each online article, with a hyperlink included, helps create credibility with Google and other search engines in your chosen industry. So when a person asks Google a question, backlinks help with your ranking on the page results. Most of the online articles I secure for clients include a link to a website for them. Therefore directly creating a high-quality backlink.

2. High-quality link building

"PR is a great way to create high-quality backlinks. Each time you are featured online and the media points to your website. This creates a powerful backlink."

The media is vouching for the content on your page each time they hyperlink to your website. The more backlinks from credible sources, the higher the trust for the Google search engine algorithms. You need to prove yourself to the search machines, and the best way is by being hyperlinked on prominent websites. Backlinks help search engines discover your pages faster to produce a list of recommended website pages. This is how it decides which websites are linked on what page in the results and recommendations. Two types of online press coverage benefit you: topical relevance (niche media) and authoritative (mass media).

3. Links to your website can send you visitors through referral traffic

Authoritative mass media are the big outlets that come to mind when you think of media brands- HuffPost, New York Times, CBS Los Angeles,, etc.

Smaller, niche media can help your ranking because of their relevance and their expertise in the niche area. And their readers are most likely "hot lead buyers" with a special interest. For example, a parenting site like POPSugar Moms or a film outlet with a special focus, Horror Buzz.

Common articles for a brand, product, or person to be featured in include "Best," "Reviews," "How to…"

Best have a commercial intent // product, hotel, film, song

Reviews have a commercial intent // product reviews, film reviews

How to have informational intent // profile pieces for professionals

The reader with the commercial intent is a "hot lead buyer," and an informational intent would be a warm lead. And as they have an interest, there is an increased possibility that they will click on your site, sending you referral traffic.

The press listings for "best products" these days often include affiliated marketing links so the media outlet can make revenue. Therefore both parties earn revenue through the press article.

Resources to learn more information about backlinks and affiliated marketing:



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